Peace in the Middle East? Arian the Enabler

If there’s anyone who can help in the journey towards achieving a more peaceful atmosphere in the Middle East, then perhaps it is Arian Lev.

Nicknamed “The Laser,” Arian is able to read a person’s mind and reveal their inner situation. By channeling peoples’ emotions she is able to see both the physical and emotional barriers that inhibit someone from realizing their full potential.

Arian, is well known in the Israeli media and has worked with thou

Arian Lev with Israeli student Gal Oren

sands of people from all over the globe (including clients from Europe, the United States and Canada). She’s delivered messages to Madonna, Britney Spears and more recently to Oprah Winfrey. The crux of her focus, however, has been on the Middle East with Israeli-Arab patients, Palestinian Arabs, Iranians and individuals from Saudi Arabia.

Arian also speaks Hebrew and Arabic fluently. She has already helped with the situation in Israel and the Palestinian territories through use of her rare and unique method. She believes each individual person is where change must begin.

Personal testimonies from students who have graduated from her course reveal a wholesome and positive outlook in a place where negativity and hatred once lived.

Arian Lev with recent graduate and Palestinian student Moris

Arian’s ability to open peoples’ hearts has allowed for individuals from both sides of the fence to realize where their negative beliefs and hatred stems from and nurses them through reprogramming this way of thinking to a more positive and peace-loving outlook.

In certain places where the air was once so thick with the poisonous smells of war and fear, the scents of fresh kebabs and childrens’ laughter have taken it’s place, thanks to Arian.

“Every client is a whole world, from my point of view and I will do everything to enable him to live his life to the fullest,” she says. Arian is an enabler of good and although she has her work cut out for her, she’s already left her mark in that region and her span will continue to be extended throughout the Arab world in the hopes that a more peaceful way of life can ensue there.

Sinners Paradise?

“Say, if you love Allah, then follow me and Allah will love you greatly and forgive your sins for Allah is forgiving and merciful …” (Qur’an, Verse 3:31)

But is Allah so merciful that he would pardon inequities against humankind, based on religious beliefs, if they are different from those underlined in Islam? To many the educated Muslim, you might get a no. As for the vulnerable convert, don’t be surprised if you are answered with a resounding YES.

Terrorism has hatred at its base which raises the question of how Islam — which is revered by its followers as such a peace-loving, God-fearing religion — could be the source of heartless destruction and hatemongering fear held by so many throughout the world. Although terrorism is not exclusive to Islam, data shows that while Muslims who were born into the religion may be unaware of its actual teachings and thus interpret the religion in a peaceful way, converts to Islam take on a much less propitious view, resulting in fanatical behavior.

One quarter of the estimated 6 million Muslims in the United States are converts, with an average of 20,000 Americans converting to the religion every year. In Europe, Islam is the fastest-growing religion. And throughout the rest of the world, the rate of conversion to Islam is growing quite rapidly, contributing to the looming fear for the safety and security of many nations.

It is believed that over the years, terrorist operations that were previously carried out by mainly Muslim-born immigrants are now being conducted by converts to Islam. Islamic converts who become terrorists are victims of a systematic propagation of the doctrine of Islam, which makes its followers believe that they are carrying out God’s will. When comparing Western and Eastern religions it becomes clear as to why converts to Islam are much more willing to carry out such heinous crimes.

In the Western belief system, people without sin go to heaven and sinners are cast into the fiery pits of damnation known as hell. In Islam, Heaven is an unfathomable paradise reserved only for Muslims and hell is a place of eternal punishment and torment for non-Muslims as well as Muslims whose faith in Allah was insufficient. The concept of the original sin in most Western religions is what motivates people to turn against crime and wrongdoing. In Islam however there is no original sin. In fact, all people are seen as being sinless until they rebel against God.

To a Muslim convert it appears that for as long as their belief in Allah remains steadfast and unwavering nothing they do will be seen as wrong.  Combine that with the clause of superiority granted to all Muslims, and even a mass-murderer will be secured a place in heaven, so long as all they do is carried out in the name of Allah. It’s no wonder the rising number of terror attacks by Muslims are conducted by converts. Who wants hell when heaven is just one Namaz away?

NOTE: Adelle Nazarian writes for the Henry Jackson Society. Her work can be found on their Web site at