The Sweet Art of Fish: Trust Me, You’re Going to Want to Read This

Extraordinary sushi…every day. That’s their motto. Don’t be jarred when you peel back the heavy, wooden and glass double-doors to reveal a modestly sized dining area whose walls are laced with wooden blocks in a geometric pattern that mimics the likeness of an ocean’s wave.

It’s a departure from your typical A-List sushi house or your favorite hole-in-the-wall late-night spot to help satisfy that salty, savory sushi craving. In fact, the sushi in America – for the most part – isn’t authentic Japanese Nigirizushi. Until now.

Sugarfish by celebrated Japanese Chef Kazunori Nozawa, uses a technique that it describes as “old school values” with a “new school vision.” A rare gem in the heart of Brentwood, Los Angeles, Sugarfish is one of (if not THE) best sushi venues you can find precisely 5471.32 miles from Tokyo.

Forget about your “Crazy Dynamite,” “Green Dragon,” or “Spice Girl” rolls. You won’t find those here. And you definitely won’t be seeing the name “California” anywhere on the menu. Simplicity at it’s best is the only way to describe the magic that happens at SugarFish. Delectable and delish, even their soy sauce is home made. And any issues you may have with trust, leave them at the door.

Known as the “Sushi Nazi,” Chef Nozawa follows a centuries-old Japanese tradition called omakase, where the master chef determines the menu. You can choose from the “Trust Me,” “Trust Me/Lite” and “The Nozawa,” depending on how hungry you are. With additional locations in downtown Los Angeles, Marina del Rey and Santa Monica, almost anyone can experience the sweet art of fish.

Sushi in America has wandered far from it’s origins in Japanese culture. SugarFish has, if even for a brief moment, returned it to it’s rightful home. You’re going to have to TRUST ME on this one.

Author: Adelle Nazarian

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One thought on “The Sweet Art of Fish: Trust Me, You’re Going to Want to Read This”

  1. Sugarfish is one of my favorite sushi spots in LA and I pay it visit each time I’m in LA. They should pay me commission for all the people I have sent there to order the “trust me”.

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